Infamous is a level 90 raid guild on Antonidas. We are currently working our way through 10 man content.

     In the recruitment widget to the left you can see what classes are currently being recruited. In order to apply please submit an application using the Guildlaunch website, then the guild leader (Mear), or one of the officers, will contact you in game to conclude your application. If your class is currently not being actively recruited, feel free to submit an application anyways and we may accept anyways, or at least we will keep it on file in case we ever open up another slot.


     Our raids begin at 9:00PM server time on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and end at 1:00AM. On offnights we raid on alts.

     Loot distribution in 10 man raids is decided on a variant of the DKP system. In our DKP system members gain DKP based on several factors: showing up to raids on time, time spent in raid, successfully completing tasks or excelling at tasks in the raid, and ending the raid with the group. Members who wish to obtain an item which drops will say so in raid chat, and the one with the highest dkp will spend ALL of their dkp to buy the item, this way a solid loot rotation is assured.

     We do expect some things from guild members:
       - Maturity: do not start unnecessary drama. If you have a problem, bring it to an officer or the guild leader.
       - Dedication: you do not have to show up to EVERY raid, but raid attendance is important, and the more raids you can make the better (and you get better loot that way, woohoo!).
       - Personal Effort: obtaining item enchants and gems is important to maximizing your performance in raids. We do not require that you spend hundreds of gold on a single enchant, though getting each item enchanted in some way is important. We have enchanters and jewelcrafters who would be happy to help you. Also, if you can get a big upgrade by getting an item crafted, do it!.

    If you have any question please whisper me or one of the officers.